Easy Application. Quick Disbursement. Effortless Payback

Grow is an unsecured cash advance of up to Kshs 5M to grow your business. Grow does not require you to have a personal guarantee, and you get the funds disbursed to you within 24 hours of approval. How much you borrow is based on your transaction history.

Applying for a Grow cash advance is easy as 1,2,3…

1. Easy Application

Access any of our Kopo Kopo channels to see if you qualify for a Grow cash advance:

  1. Log in to your Kopo Kopo web platform
  2. Dial *681*2#
  3. Launch the Kopo Kopo Android app

Applying for a cash advance takes less than a minute to do from any of our Kopo Kopo channels and approval is completed within 24 hours.

2. Quick Disbursement

Once your Grow cash advance is approved, the funds are disbursed immediately to your Kopo Kopo account and you can also cash out immediately.

3. Effortless Payback

Kopo Kopo automatically takes a percentage of your daily till sales. You can also decide to repay instantly or increase your percentage of sales to repay faster, at no extra cost. The Grow cash advance carries no late fees or penalties.  Also,unlike interest rates that are tied to repayment periods and can fluctuate, Grow merchants are charged a Fixed Flat Fee that remains unchanged until the amount is repaid in full. This fee is determined by the volume of till payments that a business accepts.


Sign up with Kopo Kopo and start accepting cashless payments to grow your business and become eligible for a cash advance. 

Click here to view the GROW terms and conditions

  • Secure

    SMS confirmation upon purchase. No unapproved reversals

  • Convenient

    One click and funds are transferred to your account

  • Smart

    Intelligent payment reports generated for you

  • Simple

    No agent fees. Free for your customers

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